New beginnings

This week has started well – I have a cold and sore throat. I have really been feeling sorry for myself. However every cloud has a silver lining I have had my first pre order of my new cards for my Etsy shop.

This is my Springtime card made with an image of a sugarcraft Peony that I made a year ago.

As you might already know I love making my quirky knitted creatures and here are two more cards I will be stocking.

I am really enjoying being creative and making things. I must have passed this skill or illness on to my lovely daughter. I found one of her computer pictures the other day when clearing out a few old boxes.

Country Fair

Well January is nearly over and I must plough ahead with all my plans. The knitting book is coming together, though I had to take a break this morning and get some more wool supplies from Toft Alpaca Farm. I wanted to make all my creatures this year out of British wool and I did not realise how tricky locally it is to find. Oh well Tofts is always a good place to visit and mooch. My husband and daughter enjoyed helping me as they got a drink and millionaires shortbread from the Café there.

I am currently working on samples for my big springtime Country Fair. I have been knitting all afternoon and look what I created. I now need to do the ironing before my eldest is back from Cern with more dirty washing.