Mega Mevagissy

I am feeling sad, looking at the washing pile and cleaning. Yep, you have guessed it, I have just come home from a fantastic relaxing holiday. I also got to meet someone whose crafting I have admired for quite a while.

Mevagissy is a small fishing town near St Austell and we love coming here as a family.



The campsite we stop in is not in the main town, but is in the countryside by the Lost Gardens Of Heligan.

We love walking and the weather was just beautiful so we decided to spend our first morning looking around the Lost Gardens. It does not matter how many times we visit, there is always something that is new, it always brings out the big kid in me. My poor suffering family.

We visited National Trust properties, Padstow and St Michaels Mount, but there was one shop that I dragged everyone to see.

I love Claire’s work and her small shop is really lovely. I brought French soap and chocolate and admired her knitted goods. I am now saving up to go again.


Easter Holidays

At last they have arrived the Easter holidays. Saturday, I had to get my haircut so off to Stratford-Upon-Avon we went. My family love it there, and what a corker of a day. The streets were busy with tourists, the sun was shinning and the street entertainers were all out and about.

I love flowers and we walked through the Market on the way to the coffee shop, having your haircut is thirsty work.

We went for an Americano at ‘ The Other Place’ and it was so relaxing and quiet. After our relaxing coffee we popped down by the river for a picnic and to look at the swans. I love swans and him indoors nearly fell in photographing them for me. I knew I had married him for a reason, he is kind and snapped as many photos as he could.







The sky was so blue I really did not want to leave.

Mothering Sunday

The weather was gorgeous over the weekend and my garden is starting to blossom.




My husband knew I was upset my teenagers could not spend the day with me. One was working in a pub kitchen up to his elbows in greasy pots and pans. The other one was doing homework ? so he took me to Burford for a walk and a browse.




Oh how I would love to live here with its creamy coloured buildings and its pretty gift shops. Even the local Co-op had wicker baskets for sale outside on the pavement. My lovely fella then brought me some hyacinths and daffodils, which have now three days later fill my kitchen with a strong scent.

I got home and decided to bake a carrot cake to say thank you for my day out. It had nothing to do with wanting to use these cute chocolate carrots I brought from Sainsburys. These Easter bunnies I keep knitting seem to appear everywhere. I think that is why I launched an Etsy shop to clear up my house.


Happy Hump Day

Well what a hectic few days. The weekend was busy with the usual shopping, gardening ( we planted a hedge) and visiting Tofts Alpaca Farm again !!!! for some food, coffee and a workshop. My husband and I learnt to spin fleece into one long strand. I really enjoyed it and it was very relaxing. One lady asked me if I was getting alpacas. I live in a dormer bungalow so I did smile to myself, our garden would probably be big enough for one alpaca not a herd.

I also have news my Easter collection is for sale in my Etsy shop. I love making my keepsakes and I have made plenty for friends and family recently.

Does a lime green frog count as an Easter creation?. My husband and I had frogs leaping on our wedding stationary when we got married 18 years ago ( I cannot remember why we chose frogs?!!!), but for some strange reason I kinda like them.