February Bits and Pieces


Recently I have been very tired and have dark circles around my eyes. The winter months always make me feel drained and sluggish. Though catching the lurgy has not really helped with tonsils the size of small golf balls and the breathe of a stinky bin life has been an effort. Half term is here though and with no work for a week who could be down.

The weather has been so cold here and I am a warm weather person, being cold really isn’t my thing. So we decided that today as the sun was shinning that a trip to a garden centre was the only thing to be done. Unfortunately for my husband the garden centre I love going to is an hour away from our home. Burford Garden centre is the stuff of dreams, Emma Bridgwater pottery, lovely expensive candles and soaps. Even the toilets are posh with smelly hand wash and proper paper towels.

I am now happy after getting my fix of spring flowers, smelly hyacinths and sunny daffodils. I came away with two shopping bags full of stuff so a good day for me. My husband was happy as we had lunch there too and even though he is on a diet he could not resist the chunky shortbread biscuits they bake.