Mothering Sunday

The weather was gorgeous over the weekend and my garden is starting to blossom.




My husband knew I was upset my teenagers could not spend the day with me. One was working in a pub kitchen up to his elbows in greasy pots and pans. The other one was doing homework ? so he took me to Burford for a walk and a browse.




Oh how I would love to live here with its creamy coloured buildings and its pretty gift shops. Even the local Co-op had wicker baskets for sale outside on the pavement. My lovely fella then brought me some hyacinths and daffodils, which have now three days later fill my kitchen with a strong scent.

I got home and decided to bake a carrot cake to say thank you for my day out. It had nothing to do with wanting to use these cute chocolate carrots I brought from Sainsburys. These Easter bunnies I keep knitting seem to appear everywhere. I think that is why I launched an Etsy shop to clear up my house.


Sunday stroll.

Where has the week gone?, half term was blur in this household. There was a sleepover for my daughter so we had her friend to stay. My son was busy with work experience all week, poor lad did not have a holiday at all. My husband had to work and  I spent most of the week decluttering and tidying the house and garden. So Sunday was a catching up day for the whole family.


Sunday morning while most people were enjoying a lazy time in bed we went for a stroll around Dunchurch and wondered what it would be like to have a cottage here. We walked passed the pub, which we go to for special occasions as the food is always delicious. We found the village stocks, the thatched bus stop and the village planters were looking better than mine at home. The first signs of Spring were everywhere and I looked really geeky snapping everything in sight. My hubby thought I was going to get squished at one point as I lunged at a grass verge camera phone at the ready.

We then decided that after all this walking we needed a rest, so we strolled up to Tofts Alpaca Farm. They had just happened to open and had hot scones with cream and strawberry jam. My hubby brought my coffee to the table with a scone which had just winged its way on to the tray.



Oh well I had better get on with knitting my Easter bunnies. I have a pile of heads and no bodies and squares of fabric waiting to be turned into dresses and dungarees. I wanted them all in my Etsy shop by Tuesday. Have a great week.