Green cleaning

I don’t know about you, but I am fed up of all the plastic we use on a day to day basis, especially when it comes to cleaning either our homes or ourselves.

This is one of the reasons I started making my knitted wash cloths. Made from 100% cotton, they last for ages and can just be chucked in the washing machine and tumble dryer so can be re-used over and over. I make then in a range of colours and sell them on my website, on etsy and at craft fairs around the country. Initially when people look at them they are a bit quizzical, wondering why I would be making something their granny might have used. Once I explain the reasoning behind making them it all makes sense. They have loads of uses:

  • face cloths
  • dish cloth
  • burping cloth
  • floor cloth

Although I make them to sell, I decided one way to try and change the world (ok, maybe that is a little ambitious). I thought I would share my basic pattern with you so we can start a small revolution.

What you will need…

To make the basic dish cloth you will need the following materials:

  • 100% cotton double knitting or craft cotton (I use Drops Love You 8 and use 1 50g ball per cloth)
  • A pair of 4mm knitting needles

The Pattern…

The pattern is very simple. It only uses 2 stitches, knit & purl! They are however worked in what is sometimes called moss stitch.

To start, cast on 45 stitches.

Row 1: (k1, p1) 22 times, k1
Repeat row 1 until you have a square.
cast off.

There – I told you it was simple!

Afternoon Tea


I hope you are all ok in Blogland. I am so sorry I have not typed my blog for so long. I have been a bit busy making for Craft Fairs at a National Trust, Upton House and a Sunday Craft Fair in the Cotswolds. I have chatted to lots of interesting people and had a lot of feedback about my makes, mostly positive though someone didn’t like my eyeless crocheted lavender mice on my stall. I have become a stockist of Sam Wilson goods and my lovely supportive husband has set up a new website for me.

We decided after all the manic few weeks we would take up the offer of an afternoon tea in the Cotswolds from two of our oldest friends. We should have gone a year ago, but as usual we left it to the last minute. The children have finished their Alevels and GCSEs respectively, so we just wanted a bit of us time.

We set off early and arrived at Hidcote House which we have been to before, but never in the sunshine it was so pretty and we spent an hour and a half walking around the garden.

We then got in the car and had a ride into Chipping Campden and of course I had to stop at the Sam Wilson shop there, I wouldn’t sell anything I didn’t love would I.

I was then dragged to the car (my husband hates shopping)  as we were running out of time for our Afternoon tea, we were both starving and we were not disappointed with our late lunch.

Easter holibobs in France

Hi, I am sorry it has been so long since I have last posted. The first week of the Easter holidays we went to France for a few days. It was just for a few days, because my hassled husband took us all to France a day late. He mixed up the dates of our booking and I missed out on visiting Paris. The kids had a great time, swimming, eating and visiting Disneyland Paris so I cannot be too cross.

We always book the Premier Inn at the ferry port to start our holiday with an evening meal and cooked breakfast before travelling on and this holiday was no different.

As you can see the view from our bedroom was different. The ferry was on time and we travelled to the campsite quite quickly, until we hit a big diversion in a village just outside La Croix Du Vieux Pont. I later found out it was a French Brocante fair so I wish we had stopped. Instead we argued with EMILY our sat nav and eventually arrived at our caravan.


We have been at this campsite before and it is great for families old and young. We like the countryside and walks, our children now they are young adults like to sleep, swim, eat and generally enjoy the facilities. They even talked me into bowling one evening which was hilarious as I cannot hit the skittles.

The shops are not far away from the campsite and the local villagers are very friendly.

In the middle of our few days away my husband asked if he could go to ‘Merlins Castle’, I love walking so I went with him. The children stopped behind and had a morning to themselves.


It is different from Warwick castle which is near to where we live in England, it is so detailed and very beautiful.

The castle was fun and we finished with a cake and a coffee at a tiny café in the local town. The baker was very patience with my O’level French. I love France and I will definitely be going back soon. I am booking the next holiday. Have a great week ………….

Windswept selfie.

Worn and Wild

Hi, it has been a long time since I last posted and I apologise. I have been developing my new range of knitted felted creatures and preparing for a craft stall. So busy, busy.

My mind has been so busy that yesterday I just wanted to go on a long peaceful walk with my Millie. She loves being off the lead and got very muddy. We walked along the Canal and relaxed well I did,but I think it tired out the dog as she slept for hours in front of the log burner when we got home.
I hope everyone has a great Sunday and spends it with the ones they love. My little girl is home from her school trip this afternoon, I have missed her. I say little she is 16, but she will always be little to me.

Spring is Coming

Well January went in a blur and my pins are out. My feet have been sore as I learn how to walk again, but I am back in the real world. Work, shopping, stroppy teenagers and a tired husband. 2018 has been a year of change already, my husband has started his new job. My son has passed his driving test and my daughter is getting ready for her exams.

We decided to go to Stratford Upon Avon as my daughter needed so much ingredients for her Food Technology practical exam. We started with a coffee and look how my husband’s milk came out -valentine froth.


We looked around the shops and then as the weather was so cold and miserable Simon treated Carly and I to lunch. We went into the Four Teas, a 1940’s themed café. I had soup and granary bread, but my daughter must have been peckish, because she had a sausage sandwich on white bread, a warm cheese scone and this.

That was Saturday, then Sunday Carly was up with the lark, practising her food tech. We had homemade pasta with goats cheese and sweet potato, panacotta and small pastry desserts.

She did a great job, didn’t she. It did mean that my husband and I had to go out again and get more ingredients for her practical cooking test at school.

We had a small walk around Draycote Water, as I am building up to doing our usual weekend 5K walk.

The sun was out, but it was very cold. The boats were out and people were jogging and walking around the Reservoir.

As you can see Spring will be here soon and I cannot wait. I am definitely a sunshine person, a sit by the fire person. I really hate being too cold.

We did have to stop off for wool and a hot milk Americano at Tofts shop Dunchurch. That is a recipe for getting warm again right. !

Slow Times

Well I have not touched my blog for ages. I am completely and utterly addicted to Instagram advertising my little shop Crafty Kestrel has enabled me to basically sit looking at instagram pictures in my free time.

Unfortunately, I have a lot of free time at the moment due to having both my feet operated on, I am completely off the painkillers now, but have pins in my feet for another five weeks. On the plus side it means I can carry on with my blog so there is always a silver lining.

Being off work makes you reflect as you are forced to slow down and gives you time to see how far you have come. Who would have thought this little girl would be an author of a knitting book and she would sell more than one.
Who would have thought she would have such lovely children well they are most of the time.
That she would have such a beautiful little sister.
That she would marry such a kind man.
I have enjoyed having time to think, but one week off work and now I am ready to return to my normal routine, my feet have other plans.Have a great Sunday night. x

Winter Project Link Party

Hi sorry I have been away from my blog for a while, but I have done my first book signing. I am a very lucky lady.

My local craft centre at Hilltop Farm Hunningham hosted it and I was very unprofessional shrieking each time someone brought a book for me to sign.

The week went so quickly with work, book signing and some very close friends coming over to Warwickshire to have a meal with us. We tried The Stag at Offchurch and the meal was gorgeous. We all had leave some on our plates as they are very generous with their portions. The staff were attentive and friendly and as we left I said to my husband that I would love to come back soon.

There are so many projects I am working on at the moment. I am thinking of making a calender out of my creatures as people seem to like my greeting cards. I would love to know what people think in blogger land, please feel free to comment. I love reading them and commenting back.
I have decided to take part in Jennifers Winter Project as I always enjoy sitting in front of the fire in the Winter hibernating and knitting or sewing. I have started making Robins this month in time for the big C and a couple of Christmas fairs that I have booked up. I love how a flat piece of knitting is stuffed and sewn together into a little creature.


Christmas comes early in Warwickshire

My Christmas cards have arrived from the printers. I know it is only September , but I love Christmas so what is a few months between friends. All my cards are available in my Etsy Shop and there is a small range from Hilltop Farm Craft Studio near Hunningham for anybody who lives in Warwickshire. I cannot belive I am in a retail outlet now. Thank you for following me and reading my blog.


Busy Weekend

Well !, what a busy week and weekend. The kitchen is nearly tiled, I have tided up the front garden two hours of weeding and cutting back . I have fought my way through my eldest child’s cupboard and come out alive, though I may see if my tetanus needs updating, it was messy.

I have sent my Christmas cards to the printers and I would love to know what people think. Have a great evening and a good week.


Cretian Holiday

Sandy days, sunshine haze and holiday. I am sad yet another family holiday is over, but it is good to be home to see our little dog. We had a great week in Crete stopping at the Kalyves Beach Hotel. It was the first time we have booked all inclusive and it was brilliant. My eldest has a teenage boys appetite so having meals, drinks and snacks included was just what we needed. The staff were great as well and very friendly.

The hotel is relaxing and quiet with a beach and free sunbeds so all you need is a book and suncream. We read three books between us, my husband read ‘Goldfinger’ by Ian Fleming, I read ‘ Believe me a memoir of love, death and jazz chickens’ by Eddie Izzard and ‘ Burnt Paper Sky’ by Gilly Macmillan. I actually enjoyed the ‘Burnt Paper Sky’ book which cost me a £1.00 from Poundland. Unfortunately, with all this reading and the Greek sun we did all burn so maybe more suncream next time or less reading. !!!

We found time with all this relaxing to see our friends Douglas and Chris who treated us to a traditional meal at a local restaurant. They live in Vamos, but travelled to see us so there was lots of fun and laughter.