Summer Shenanigans. Part One – Warwickshire

Hi Blogland,

I hope you have all had a lovely Summer, I know I have. Long Summer walks in Warwickshire at Charlecote Park, Broadway in the Cotswolds and Chester. We get about a bit around here!. I loved the Summer but I am excited it is the Autumn. I love this season as it is my birthday so I always have happy memories with family and friends.

Our first walk around Charlecote, a local National Trust, started with meeting this duck who was so tame. I did wonder about taking this bird home, but I think my dog would have her nose put out of joint.

The deer were not frightened of us or the other walkers and just sat there having their pictures taken.

We walked very close behind some grazing, it was just amazing.


I did ask my husband to buy me a driveway like this one, but he refused.


I don’t think I could live without the electric oven I have though and the chairs don’t look very comfy do they?.

I think we will be back to Charlecote soon, as the changing season is bound to make the grounds look gorgeous.



Afternoon Tea


I hope you are all ok in Blogland. I am so sorry I have not typed my blog for so long. I have been a bit busy making for Craft Fairs at a National Trust, Upton House and a Sunday Craft Fair in the Cotswolds. I have chatted to lots of interesting people and had a lot of feedback about my makes, mostly positive though someone didn’t like my eyeless crocheted lavender mice on my stall. I have become a stockist of Sam Wilson goods and my lovely supportive husband has set up a new website for me.

We decided after all the manic few weeks we would take up the offer of an afternoon tea in the Cotswolds from two of our oldest friends. We should have gone a year ago, but as usual we left it to the last minute. The children have finished their Alevels and GCSEs respectively, so we just wanted a bit of us time.

We set off early and arrived at Hidcote House which we have been to before, but never in the sunshine it was so pretty and we spent an hour and a half walking around the garden.

We then got in the car and had a ride into Chipping Campden and of course I had to stop at the Sam Wilson shop there, I wouldn’t sell anything I didn’t love would I.

I was then dragged to the car (my husband hates shopping)  as we were running out of time for our Afternoon tea, we were both starving and we were not disappointed with our late lunch.

Cretian Holiday

Sandy days, sunshine haze and holiday. I am sad yet another family holiday is over, but it is good to be home to see our little dog. We had a great week in Crete stopping at the Kalyves Beach Hotel. It was the first time we have booked all inclusive and it was brilliant. My eldest has a teenage boys appetite so having meals, drinks and snacks included was just what we needed. The staff were great as well and very friendly.

The hotel is relaxing and quiet with a beach and free sunbeds so all you need is a book and suncream. We read three books between us, my husband read ‘Goldfinger’ by Ian Fleming, I read ‘ Believe me a memoir of love, death and jazz chickens’ by Eddie Izzard and ‘ Burnt Paper Sky’ by Gilly Macmillan. I actually enjoyed the ‘Burnt Paper Sky’ book which cost me a £1.00 from Poundland. Unfortunately, with all this reading and the Greek sun we did all burn so maybe more suncream next time or less reading. !!!

We found time with all this relaxing to see our friends Douglas and Chris who treated us to a traditional meal at a local restaurant. They live in Vamos, but travelled to see us so there was lots of fun and laughter.













Hi everyone,

I have been rubbish at keeping up with this blogging thing. I have been really distracted with work, children and my knitting book. I always think that summer days will go on and on, but they whizz by. We have also on top of all our other commitments been stripping out our kitchen. I will photo everything and put pictures of our kitchen on the blog soon.

Have a great Friday.

K x