Spring is Coming

Well January went in a blur and my pins are out. My feet have been sore as I learn how to walk again, but I am back in the real world. Work, shopping, stroppy teenagers and a tired husband. 2018 has been a year of change already, my husband has started his new job. My son has passed his driving test and my daughter is getting ready for her exams.

We decided to go to Stratford Upon Avon as my daughter needed so much ingredients for her Food Technology practical exam. We started with a coffee and look how my husband’s milk came out -valentine froth.


We looked around the shops and then as the weather was so cold and miserable Simon treated Carly and I to lunch. We went into the Four Teas, a 1940’s themed café. I had soup and granary bread, but my daughter must have been peckish, because she had a sausage sandwich on white bread, a warm cheese scone and this.

That was Saturday, then Sunday Carly was up with the lark, practising her food tech. We had homemade pasta with goats cheese and sweet potato, panacotta and small pastry desserts.

She did a great job, didn’t she. It did mean that my husband and I had to go out again and get more ingredients for her practical cooking test at school.

We had a small walk around Draycote Water, as I am building up to doing our usual weekend 5K walk.

The sun was out, but it was very cold. The boats were out and people were jogging and walking around the Reservoir.

As you can see Spring will be here soon and I cannot wait. I am definitely a sunshine person, a sit by the fire person. I really hate being too cold.

We did have to stop off for wool and a hot milk Americano at Tofts shop Dunchurch. That is a recipe for getting warm again right. !

Sunday stroll.

Where has the week gone?, half term was blur in this household. There was a sleepover for my daughter so we had her friend to stay. My son was busy with work experience all week, poor lad did not have a holiday at all. My husband had to work and  I spent most of the week decluttering and tidying the house and garden. So Sunday was a catching up day for the whole family.


Sunday morning while most people were enjoying a lazy time in bed we went for a stroll around Dunchurch and wondered what it would be like to have a cottage here. We walked passed the pub, which we go to for special occasions as the food is always delicious. We found the village stocks, the thatched bus stop and the village planters were looking better than mine at home. The first signs of Spring were everywhere and I looked really geeky snapping everything in sight. My hubby thought I was going to get squished at one point as I lunged at a grass verge camera phone at the ready.

We then decided that after all this walking we needed a rest, so we strolled up to Tofts Alpaca Farm. They had just happened to open and had hot scones with cream and strawberry jam. My hubby brought my coffee to the table with a scone which had just winged its way on to the tray.



Oh well I had better get on with knitting my Easter bunnies. I have a pile of heads and no bodies and squares of fabric waiting to be turned into dresses and dungarees. I wanted them all in my Etsy shop by Tuesday. Have a great week.