Cretian Holiday

Sandy days, sunshine haze and holiday. I am sad yet another family holiday is over, but it is good to be home to see our little dog. We had a great week in Crete stopping at the Kalyves Beach Hotel. It was the first time we have booked all inclusive and it was brilliant. My eldest has a teenage boys appetite so having meals, drinks and snacks included was just what we needed. The staff were great as well and very friendly.

The hotel is relaxing and quiet with a beach and free sunbeds so all you need is a book and suncream. We read three books between us, my husband read ‘Goldfinger’ by Ian Fleming, I read ‘ Believe me a memoir of love, death and jazz chickens’ by Eddie Izzard and ‘ Burnt Paper Sky’ by Gilly Macmillan. I actually enjoyed the ‘Burnt Paper Sky’ book which cost me a ¬£1.00 from Poundland. Unfortunately, with all this reading and the Greek sun we did all burn so maybe more suncream next time or less reading. !!!

We found time with all this relaxing to see our friends Douglas and Chris who treated us to a traditional meal at a local restaurant. They live in Vamos, but travelled to see us so there was lots of fun and laughter.












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