Slow Times

Well I have not touched my blog for ages. I am completely and utterly addicted to Instagram advertising my little shop Crafty Kestrel has enabled me to basically sit looking at instagram pictures in my free time.

Unfortunately, I have a lot of free time at the moment due to having both my feet operated on, I am completely off the painkillers now, but have pins in my feet for another five weeks. On the plus side it means I can carry on with my blog so there is always a silver lining.

Being off work makes you reflect as you are forced to slow down and gives you time to see how far you have come. Who would have thought this little girl would be an author of a knitting book and she would sell more than one.
Who would have thought she would have such lovely children well they are most of the time.
That she would have such a beautiful little sister.
That she would marry such a kind man.
I have enjoyed having time to think, but one week off work and now I am ready to return to my normal routine, my feet have other plans.Have a great Sunday night. x

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